Revitalize Town Centres

Promote civic design principles that reduce dependence on the automobile and increases pedestrian access to shops and services - essentially, minimize urban sprawl. Kelowna has been taking active steps to encourage a "pedestrian priority over vehicles" in town centres. A great example of this the Bernard Avenue revitalization. The new "Main Street" of Kelowna has large friendly sidewalks, outdoor cafes, and reduces the dominance of the automobile on that street. The closure of 5 blocks of Bernard Avenue in July and August have further developed the concept of pedestrian friendly streets. 

Significant progress has been made in revitalizing downtown Kelowna; expanding the Pandosy town centre; revitalizing Rutland town centre and adding new buildings to the Capri area.  

Redevelop areas within the current City limits (Urban Growth Boundary.) There are many areas within the City limits that can re-developed and revitalized. These areas already have the necessary infrastructure. This type of redevelopment has the least impact on the environment, densifies the City and should be encouraged.