Water is this Council's #1 Priority

Ron Seymour's editorial pretty much says it all....

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Kelowna's Third Annual Vaisakhi Parade

2013 Anne and Luke web

Luke and Anne Stack at the Vaisakhi Parade

2013 Dresses web

The Okanagan Sikh Temple and Cutural Society celebrated the third annual Vaisakhi Parade on Saturday April 28th, 2013. Literally thousands of people gathered to celebrate. The Vaisakhi parade celebrates the founding of the Sikh religion as well as a celebration of the harvest in the Punjab region and marks the beginning a the new year. It was a festive atmosphere with much music, marching and visiting - and lots of food. This year, a marshal arts group from Surrey BC participated in the parade. As always, I was impressed with the generosity of many people as they provided everyone in attendance with lots of good food to eat. They even gave me a turban to wear - first one for me.
2013 Sword dance web 2013 Ron Drum web
Marshal Arts at the parade                                                                                 MP Ron Cannan on the drums

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